Marketing has changed. You need a digital marketing agency to promote your business.

Advertising services companies have the right strategy to market your products or services online.

Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency

Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency

What is a digital marketing & Advertising Agency?

An digital advertising agency is a business whose primary objective is to create awareness for your products and services on the Internet. 

In the old days advertising agencies had to shoot fish in the see. They know the fish are out there, they know more or less where to find them and what bait most fish likes to take.

Today is much of a science. To have the creative genius to come up with the most enticing banners, posts and articles are just one side of a digital advertising agency 

You need the technical knowledge to be certain where a specific type of fish are looking for a specific type of bait during a certain time of day.

Internet advertising 

When internet advertising first started, it did not have the traction it has today and early adopters of online marketing had very few strings to their bow 

In the early days, you could buy a banner ad on a busy website and pay per thousand impressions or per click. There was not much science going into it other than to have the right type of ad on the right page.

The problem was that you did not have much control over who will see your ads. You were on the mercy of the website where you posted your ads and their ability to attract the right clients for your business services. 

A lot of money was spent trying to get a decent return on your investment (ROI) and thus the update of digital marketing was sluggish.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising started to really get going when social media got going. Now more and more people of the same type, the same wants, same needs, same interests etc started to come together in places. Now the digital advertising agency just needs to put the right bait in front of them 

You now know where the fish are, what the fish are and when they get together. All you need to figure out what bait you needed to put in front of them.

With all the good there is always a bad somewhere. The early adopters made good money like when you are fist investing in a viral going product. Now that most agencies know where you are and what you want, you get bombarded with ads. 

This leads to ad blindness where a person's mind is trained to ignore what they sense is wasting their time. Advertising agencies and businesses have less and less time to attract the attention of their intended buyers and clients. 

This is where you must have a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy - Our proven 3 Steps

Target your Clients

First your must target the right customers. Not all customers are a good pick for you or your business. It might be counter-intuitive to say that you do not need all the customers that you can find.

The better way of putting it is that you need all the rights customers for you that you can find.

You do not need customers that drain your energy and pulls you down. With the Internet giving you the ability to connect to a much larger audience than ever before, you can be a bit picky.

We know how to target the right customers for you

Engage your Clients

After you have managed to target the right audience or customers for your business, your digital advertising agency and yourself must engage with your potential clients 

Just putting the right bait in front the right fish does not mean that they will take it. If you are actually a fisherman, you will know that the weather and tides and the ocean have a lot to do whether the fish actually bites or not.

A digital marketing agency that is worth your money would know how to control the weather. They will know how to make the tides work in your favor and they will know how to get the ocean in just the right temperature to get the fish to bite.

Convert your Clients

Getting the fish to bite is just the first part of catching a fish. Now you have to real them in and make sure the line does not break or that you do know to get caught on the rocks or maybe a big predator comes along and eats the fish right off your hook.

Basically, your marketing agency needs to convert your leads. Not all leads are created equal. Not all window shoppers will eventually swipe their card and become paying clients. 

Converting is part of the services of business advertising. If you do not get one of these 3 absolutely spot on, you are leaving money on the table. You are forcing your clients to buy your products and services from your competitors.

What a shame!

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