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Swartland Pre-Primêr

Geleë in die hartjie van die Swartland, Malmesbury, het Swartland Pre-Primêr sedert sy ontstaan in 1978, gegroei en van krag tot krag gegaan.

Met lowergroen grasperke en genoegsame skadubome teen die Swartland son, is dit ‘n lushof van ‘n speelplek vir kleuters.

The three classrooms are all equipped with the neccessary apparatus that inspire play, learning and stimulation. The well kept grounds are safely fenced off and each classroom has a safety gate.

Toegang tot die skool word ook streng beperk. There are 3 full time teachers – each with numerous years of experience – and classroom assistants.

With a maximum of 25 - 30 children per class, the result is personal attention, growth and space for the children to play, learn, explore and form friendships.

Cell: 073 143 9530

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