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So you went on the Internet and found yourself a web designer to build a brand new website for your business, or maybe update your existing site. Now, one year down the line you are unhappy with your web designer as your website did not bring in any new business.

You pick up the phone and start to rant about the money you fork out a year ago for developing the website and that you do not get anything in return. You have all this negativity about your non existing traffic and that you want to move on to a new designer that might know what he is doing.
There is one thing very few people know or realise.

Nothing in this world is free, not even Google traffic! And with more and more websites coming online every day, it's getting harder and harder to rank and get traffic.

Google uses over 200 ranking factors to formulate their result pages and where your website ranks on them.

Having a website with a few pages is just the beginning in getting that holy grail that is traffic. There is about 40 positive On Page ranking factors that you can do on you site to help Google understand what your site is all about and where to rank your site.

So by just having a website you are in the run for only 20% of factors that can get your website ranking. This means if you know what you are doing, and you are doing a good job at it, you still will not feature anywhere meaningful on the results pages as you ignore 80% of factors that could help your website rank.

Making my point that if you build a website or have a website build for you and you do nothing more, you can not expect to get traffic. It would be much the same as running a business from your home. You know the business exists, your family might know what you are doing and maybe a close neighbour might know.

The general public would not have a clue that you exist. Same goes for your website. You know the address and your friends might know the address but that is just about that.
Getting a website and do nothing more and that is just about the amount of traffic you would receive – Nothing.

To get traffic takes lots of time and money.

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